Can you lose weight using regular morning exercises? The easiest set of exercises

effective set of exercises for weight loss

Everyone is used to treating morning exercises as a boost, youth, and resource for the whole day ahead. It helps you wake up and put your thoughts in order. But few thought it would contribute to effective weight loss as well.

Perform an experiment as evidence. Ask your friends and relatives who will start their morning regularly with exercises and simple exercises for 10-15 minutes. Now analyze whether there are overweight people among those who answer yes. Even if there are some, there are only a few exceptions, not rules. So, if you want to put your body in order, start small!

How useful?

In fact, morning exercises are multifunctional physical activity. It is very useful not only for weight loss, but for the whole body.

If you do this regularly, the results won't last long:

  • activation of performance (at least in the morning);
  • rejuvenating the whole organization;
  • maintaining weight at the desired level (does not allow weight gain);
  • increased sexual activity (which in turn leads to weight loss);
  • calorie intake;
  • muscle tone;
  • improving mood, relieving stress (and preventing compulsive overeating);
  • acceleration of metabolism and metabolism;
  • Elimination of minor pains (headache, menstrual pain, muscle pain).

Want to experience it all for yourself? Start with your morning exercises tomorrow morning - and the result won’t wait long, including losing weight!


To lose weight with morning exercises, first learn the basic rules to be effective.

morning exercises for weight loss
  • Do it every day.
  • Don't expect to lose weight fast. This is the slow road to victory.
  • Exercise is cardio and stretching. Don’t try to incorporate strength exercises into this complex - in the morning it will be unbearable stress for the body.
  • Duration - 10-15 minutes. Gradually increase over time.
  • Finish the protein half an hour before breakfast.
  • For rhythmic music that increases the intensity and purity of movements and calorie intake, which is good for losing weight.
  • Gradually increase the number of repetitions over the course of the month. Then replace the entire set of exercises with a new one to avoid getting used to the loads.
  • Clothing - made of lightweight, breathable materials.
  • Take a shower after charging.

And most importantly, enjoy it. The production of serotonin (the pleasure hormone) in the body guarantees a good mood throughout the day and an acceleration of fat burning.


Exercises for morning exercises - a huge amount. You can download a special application to your phone. Or get advice from a professional coach. Or search for a program on the Internet. The most important thing is to stretch the different muscle groups in 15 minutes.

Warming up

Duration - 2 minutes. The basic rule is to do everything slowly, measuredly.

  • Walking in a circle about 1 m in diameter;
  • walking in place;
  • pulls up.

The task is to awaken the body and tune it to the mood of work.

Main Program

Exercises for the arms (to remove fat wrinkles):

  • scissors;
  • rotate brush;
  • handshake;
  • work with an extender.

Exercises for the abdomen (flattening) and sides (removing the rollers):

  • hula hoop rotation;
  • scissors;
  • leans sideways and forward;
  • body rotation;
  • turns in different directions.

Exercises for legs (to keep fit) and buttocks (to avoid cellulite):

  • different types of squats (classic, plie, curtsy, Hindu);
  • swinging legs (side and forward / backward);
  • bicycle;
  • leg lift.

Men are also encouraged to do pull-ups or push-ups.


Duration - 2 minutes. It is needed to relieve mild body fatigue after charging.

  • Walk in place;
  • Cobra stretching exercise;
  • Yoga child pose.