Diet "6 petals": weekly menus and recipes

protein foods for a 6 petal diet

One of the most popular and effective diets is the "6 Petals" diet, which was developed and successfully tested by volunteers Anna Johansson, a Swedish nutritionist and doctor. This food system does not fall into the hungry category as its diet is quite varied. According to the author of the diet, if you strictly follow all the rules and recommendations, you can lose 500-800 g of weight every day.

The essence of this diet is extremely simple - certain foods must be eaten in a specific order each day. The duration of the monodiet is only six days, the menu should change in the following order: fish, vegetables, chicken, cereals, cottage cheese and fruit. To keep your diet varied and at the same time dietary, it is recommended to use the best recipes for the "6 petals" diet. The following are the most popular.

When compiling a 6-petal diet menu, you should use recipes that tell you which day is going according to plan.

6 petal diet recipes for fish day

Using the recipes of the 6-petal diet every day, you can make your diet quite varied and lose weight at the same time. What does such a diet give the body and what recipes can be used?

seafood for the 6 petal diet

The first day of this effective diet should be fishy (protein). Fish is a low-calorie and easy-to-digest product that can prepare your diet to follow five mono menus. This is due to the high levels of fatty acids found in fish. They saturate the body but do not convert it to subcutaneous fat, which allows the body to be "anesthetized".

500 g of fish is ready to eat. It can be any fried, cooked or steamed fish cooked with a little salt and herbs, without spicy spices.

Half-day recipes for the "6 petals" diet:

  1. Pollock meatballs with herbs - turn the fish carcasses through a meat grinder, add finely chopped dill, onion and parsley. Mix thoroughly, salt, pepper, form balls, place on a baking sheet and fry;
  2. Roasted pollock - salt and pepper the carcasses, place on a baking sheet, put herbs on top and fry;
  3. Steamed bunch - wash the fish, cut into small pieces, salt, pepper, add the herbs and place on a steam rack. Pour water into the bottom of the steamer or quick cooker, add a strand of herb. During cooking, the fish pieces should be turned once.

Vegetable day recipe with 6 petals

The second day should be a carbohydrate, namely a vegetable. The "6 petals" diet means consuming one and a half kilograms of fresh vegetables a day on a vegetable day, the recipes for which are no less varied.

fried potatoes for a diet with 6 petals

You can also eat some fried potatoes. Even the vegetable day is low in calories, and due to the high vegetable carbohydrate content of the menu, the dieters do not suffer from hunger, as it takes a long time for the body to digest them. In addition, a lot of energy is put into this process, which leads to the active use of its own fat reserves.

The 6-petal diet vegetable day recipes are mostly fresh vegetable salads flavored with a little oil and aromatic herbs. These can be salads in the following composition:

  • 150 g fresh tomatoes, 30-50 g herbs, 30 ml olive oil;
  • 150 g of radish, 180 g of fresh cucumber, 30-50 g of feathered onion and 50 ml of vegetable oil;
  • 150 g of carrots, 200 g of fresh cabbage, 30 g of parsley and 30 ml of olive oil.

Chicken Day 6 Petal Diet Recipes

Only 500 g of chicken fillets should be eaten, cooked with a minimum amount of fat and spices.

During this day, the body loses significant weight as the existing carbohydrate deficiency forces it to devote its reserves to energy.

The recipes for the 6-petal diet for chicken day are as follows:

  1. Boil 500 g of chicken breast in 1 liter of water with the addition of spices, divide into 3-4 portions;
  2. Fry 500 g of chicken breast in foil, pre-rotate in a mixture of black pepper and dry herbs.

6 petal diet cereal daily recipe

The recipes for the grain day of the "6 petals" diet are basically recipes for a variety of cereals made from 200g of dry grain. You can also eat seeds, bran, fiber and cereals. The complex carbohydrates found in these foods help replenish glycogen stores and "force" the body to continue to use adipose tissue to make up for energy costs.

buckwheat for a 6 petal diet

In addition to the various options for cereals, the recipes for the 6-petalled diet on this day could be:

  • Oatmeal Cake - Take 10 tablespoons. l. oatmeal pour them into 15 tablespoons. l. hot milk. Add vanillin to the mixture, 1/4 tsp. soda, vinegar and 1 tsp. Honey. Allow to cook for 10 minutes, then place flat cookies on the foil with a spoon and place in a preheated oven for 15 minutes;
  • Buckwheat slices made in the oven - cook the buckwheat, cool, beat it on a pate in a blender, salt, pepper, season, slice and bake at 180 ° C for 15 minutes.

Cottage cheese day

The "6 petals" diet menu on this day and the recipes for the food consist entirely of 500 g of this fermented dairy product and a small amount of milk (up to 150 ml). This daily menu helps to supply the body with protein and minerals.

cottage cheese for a diet with 6 petals

The following recipes will help you survive a cottage cheese day with a 6-petal diet:

  1. Cottage cheese pudding - bring 90 g of wheat flour to 200 ml of milk, cool, add 150 g of cottage cheese and 20 g or dried apricots, mix, add 1 protein and bake for 25 minutes;
  2. Cottage cheese dessert - 500 g of low-fat cottage cheese, 50 ml of milk, mix the vanillin in a blender and cool.

6 petals diet menu for fruit day

fruit salad for a diet of 6 petals

The fruit mono-diet on the sixth day of weight loss allows the use of fruits in any form in an amount of 1. 5 kg per day. May be raw, fried or mashed or with juice:

  1. 100 g of apple, 1 banana and 1 orange salad;
  2. Baked apples with honey;
  3. 200 ml of fresh orange juice (for 1 serving).

Six days of such a diet should be followed by proper withdrawal from the diet. To preserve the results you have, you will need to consume the same foods and products for another week, using the same recipes as the 6-petal diet menu for a week.

If the desired result is not achieved during the diet, such weight loss can be repeated at the earliest 2 weeks later. For the "6 petals" diet, all the recipes given for one week should be used in the same order and quantity as described above, while the days cannot be changed from place to place.