Diet for gout

Gout is an inflammation of the tissues and joints. It is related to the accumulation of uric acid in them. Gout is much less common in women than in men. As for age, the disease usually manifests itself after fifty. This differs in that it progresses in a chronic form, with exacerbations and remissions.

Why does gout occur?

foot pain in gout

Basically, the predisposing factor is an increase in the levels of uric acid and its compounds in the body. Result of processing of nitrogen bases (purines, pyrimidines) ingested with food. In the case of increased synthesis, the accumulation of acid occurs more rapidly or as a result of poor renal function.

The compounds accumulate in the joints and crystals. In this regard, arthritis develops. If the disease is overcome for a long time, the urates (uric acid) spread to other tissues, where they accumulate in dense tubercles - tophus - which are also signs of the disease. In the urinary system, crystals form stones, leading to urolithiasis.

Gout can occur for several reasons:

  • Increased levels of red blood cells in the blood.
  • Poor oxygen supply to the body.
  • Constant exhaustive physical activity.
  • Continuous consumption of foods high in purine.
  • Chronic renal failure.
  • Long-term use of diuretics.
  • Dehydration.
  • Lead poisoning.
  • Arterial hypertension.

It is worth saying that the accumulation of fluid does not always lead to the development of the disease, which means that there are other prerequisites for its appearance.

Gout symptoms

difficulty in the legs with gout

According to statistics, gout occurs in women after the age of 60, or vice versa, at a young age. The reason for the latter case is hereditary predisposition. Usually, at the first seizure, the doctor examines the patient in the area of the big toe. But especially in women, several joints become inflamed at the same time. These are the joints of the ankle, wrist and fingers. Seizures can often occur at night, after drinking, exercising, surgery, or after a cold.

The affected joint starts to get a lot of pain and the pressure gets stronger. It can be deformed due to edema, the skin around the sore spot is red and burns. The temperature is often high, in the range of 38-39 degrees. Even in the absence of treatment, after up to a week, the seizure goes away and the remission phase begins.

For many, the second seizure occurs within a year, and everything that follows occurs more often.

Once the disease becomes chronic with seizures, the pain will no longer be as severe, but the joints will still lose their former mobility. They are severely deformed due to inflammation, crackling can be heard during movement. Then, tofu begins to form under the skin in the fingers and toes, knees and elbows, and in the cochlea. Sometimes, when opened, a white mass is released and is like a paste.

As the disease progresses, kidney failure also develops. The whole body was swollen. A woman may experience frequent urge to use the toilet, especially at night, and also that the amount of urine excreted has varied. The appearance of renal colic, which is associated with the formation of urinary stones, can be observed. Basically, the pain manifests in the back, the abdomen, the perineum, or the thigh. This requires urgent hospitalization of the patient.

How to treat gout

In women, the disease is treated by a rheumatologist, but if the mobility of the joints is severely impaired, an orthopedist will be involved in the treatment. The patient should be hospitalized to find medication or eliminate the prolonged seizure.

Medicine for gout

During an exacerbation, during a seizure, a cold is applied to the lesion and the patient is given a resting state. Medication should be started as soon as possible for rapid recovery.

After the cessation of acute arthritis, a reduction in the concentration of uric acid in the body should be started immediately. Medications prescribed by a doctor are used for this.

You will need to take medication for the rest of your life, but if you get better, you can take a break of several months. In order to prevent the appearance of kidney stones, in addition to the general therapy, a medicine is prescribed at the beginning of the treatment to reduce the acidity of the urine and increase the solubility of the urates.

During treatment with gout, a special diet should be followed to help reduce the amount of purines in the body through food.

What foods should be completely eliminated in case of gout

A gouty diet of the legs and other parts of the body forces you to leave smoked foods, sausages, salt and legumes. It is strictly forbidden to eat fatty meat, offal and fish.

Heavy foods such as mushrooms and bacon are completely ruled out. Spices and spicy spices should not be added to foods. Maybe just bay leaves and vinegar. In addition, a ban should be introduced on alcohol, chocolate, cocoa, strong tea and coffee. Spicy and salty cheeses are also prohibited. In fact, you have to forget about broths and broths.

Nutrition for gout, diet - what foods should be restricted

Despite all the bans, you can diversify your diet by adding a few foods, but in moderation. This applies to milk and butter. They should not be used in pure form, but only as an additive, such as porridge. Cooked poultry and fish should be handled with care. You can eat a little trout or salmon, some tomatoes, cauliflower, any greens, juicy radishes or turnips. Plums should be eaten carefully.

Diet gout - food table

meat for gout

Eat a diet full of vegetable soups, seafood (cephalopods, crustaceans), lean fish, rabbit meat, cereals and pasta, dairy products, black and white bread. Replace animal protein with vegetable protein.

Eat eggs, but no more than one a day. Fill your menu with approved vegetables, fruits and berries. Dried fruits, honey, nuts and seeds are no less useful. Marshmallows, marmalades and marmalades are allowed. Meals can be cooked in any oil, but pork and lamb should be omitted.

If we talk about drinks, green tea, milk tea, lemon, juice, herbal decoctions are useful. Mineral water and cucumber juice are no less useful.

Diet for gout - table

fruits and vegetables against gout

Remember the importance of unloading. These days, you can eat a variety of vegetables, such as potatoes or green apples. If you find it difficult to eat just one thing, combine several vegetables or fruits to make a salad out of them. Moreover, you can spend such days with milk, kefir or cottage cheese.

Also eat the rice-apple diet on the unloading days. To do this, cook the rice in milk and consume it in small portions. Eat apples between meals, but no more than 250 grams per day. If you decide to make compote, don’t add sugar.

It is worth saying that although unloading is recommended, starvation is strictly prohibited. In addition, therapeutic fasting is prohibited because lactic acid builds up due to a long lack of food in the body. This will lead to a new attack.

Diet for gout - menu

foods to treat gout

The following diet is recommended for patients. For breakfast - vegetable salad, carrot pudding and cider, soft-boiled eggs and lightly brewed tea. Make a rosehip decoction for lunch, but don’t add sugar. For lunch, make broth with pasta, pancakes and jelly. Eat fresh apples for an afternoon snack. For dinner, make cheesecakes, stuffed cabbage rolls without meat and not strong tea. Drink wheat broth before going to bed.

It is worth saying that the diet menu for gout has a special structure. It should contain more liquids or semi-liquids because you need to drink at least two liters of water. When unloading, we can eat up to two kilograms of vegetables.

The dietitian will consider the presence of other diseases when determining the menu. For example, people with high cholesterol should not be given yellow, and flour and sweets are strictly forbidden in diabetes. In addition, during the period of exacerbation, the diet is somewhat different from normal. Gout is usually assigned a sixth or eighth diet number.

Diet for gout - recipes

vegetables against gout

Gout often develops with obesity. The patient is then shown a diet to treat gout and high uric acid number eight. If observed, fasting days are held more often. Weight loss is recommended for people with gout, as being overweight is more likely to trigger seizures. But you can't lose weight drastically. This should be done gradually.

It is worth noting the complexity of the treatment. Therefore, diet alone is not enough, even if it is perfect for you. Along with it, you need to take part in physiotherapy procedures and physical education, which will help strengthen the body. But first, discuss this with your doctor.

Such procedures are prohibited during exacerbation. Protect yourself from physical activity, take a warm bath and compress, and remember to follow a diet if your gout gets worse. Walk often before and after meals.

Remember! If you monitor your health carefully, gout shouldn’t be that much of a concern. With timely consultation and treatment, you can forget about your illness for a long time.