How to lose 10 pounds in a month at home

The resources for weight loss

The human body's complex physiology, function of the purpose of - the maintenance of the vital functions, regardless of the external conditions and factors. One of the most important of the physiological effects of the stability of the effect of the accumulation of the lipid layer, which allows you to survive a lack of nutrients, and a lack of energy during critical situations.

The Problem of excess weight; why we get fat every single day?

The process of the accumulation of fat is the conversion of ingested energy derived from the processing of food not consumed on the physiological needs. To maintain the homeostasis and physiological stability of the body, the fat will accumulate in the following locations:

  1. About of the internal organs. The deep layers are required for a number of organ systems, as well as the attenuation of the soft tissue under the influence of, or trauma to the brain. For example, visceral fat can be reduced the strain on the liver, and the kidneys, in sports, and the heart supplies the needed fat-soluble vitamins, via the the download.
  2. Between the skin and the muscle fibers. Subcutaneous fat is necessary to maintain the optimal temperature of the internal organs and strengthen the body's immune system and regeneration of tissue in the epithelium. The highest percentage of body fat, found beneath the skin.

To maintain the athletic body requires an optimal amount of fat – the excess or deficiency of the lipid tissue, disrupts the harmony of the physiological processes that lead to the deterioration of health, and the development of a variety of diseases.

Please feel free to follow! The main reason for the lack of or the excess of fats it is misconfigured the metabolic rate, which causes a malfunction of the hormonal system is disturbed and the internal organs.

The problem with the weight, it begins to bad eating habits, as well as a small amount of physical activity, which leads to an imbalance in the metabolic processes and leads to a delay in the synthesis of anabolic hormones in the body.

Fortunately, for the recovery of the body for optimal physical condition, without injury to the health of the people in the home – it is important that you know how to do it, and there will be no more damage.

Carry out the stretching

Say goodbye to the excess weight without diet and harm to health: the secret to success!

The majority of those who seek to cause your body to begin the process of rehabilitation of the body with a strict diet or strenuous physical activity, and there is a logic to this: in order to lose weight, you will need to either reduce the amount of calories consumed or burned off to recharge their batteries, however, all is not so simple. Often, such attempts were quickly overthrown due to its failure or accomplishment is inversely proportional to the effect of: abrupt change of regime has a negative impact on the body, it causes the release of harmful hormones, that reduce anabolic activity.

The lack of nutrients and an increase in the consumption of energy that does not aggravate the condition, which causes your body to store all the needed energy to survive in emergency situations, rather than result in a quick weight loss.

People who don't have the time for regular exercise and a proper regular meals, have a low weight, which allows you to quickly restore the shape, without having to use extreme methods. In order for your body right, lose up to 10 lbs a sufficient amount of in order to reduce the amount of fat in the body, a reduction in the size of the body and normalize metabolic processes.

The only safe way to lose weight there is a planned restructuring of metabolism, with a gradual buildup of physical activity, which will maintain a high anabolic activity in the body, preventing the secretion of the catabolic hormones.

Optimize your diet

Proper nutrition - the basis of the relief of the figure, and a slender figure

The key to the relief of the figures, and the lack of the extra pounds, the consumption of the full range of necessary for organism macro - and micro-nutrients in sufficient quantities, but when you lose weight, it is very important to eat properly and adequately, without any restriction on the quantity of food items.

Don't forget, starvation, and refusal of food, which will never bring your body to the weight reduction, but it can be severely damaging to your health. In order to quickly and effectively rebuild your body, that you weight loss, you need to follow these tips:

  1. To reduce the amount of salt and sugar. These food additives and spices, it will have a negative impact on the digestive system which impede the efficient synthesis of the substance and of the causes of fluid retention that inhibits the metabolic processes. Reduce the intake of salt and sugar, and to accelerate the withdrawal of toxins from the body, with the aim of improving the quality of the blood, to increase the speed of transmission of food-elements in the cell structure.
  2. In order to ensure an abundance of food items. The body needs to eat, full of protein, fats, and carbohydrates, and in the other case, there is a great shortage of food items necessary for the functioning and regeneration of cells and tissues. The optimal amount for an adult consumption per day, 1.5 g protein, 1g of fat and 2g of carbohydrates per 1 kg of body weight.
  3. If you want to increase the amount of liquid. The lack of fluids in your body lead to slower metabolism, which results in a delay of the toxic substance and the elements of the half-life of the food, in the blood and internal organs, causing premature aging and deterioration of health. In order to eliminate the deficit, you must consume up to 40 ounces of fluid per 1 kg of body weight per day, preferably fresh water.
  4. For the stabilisation of the meal. The maximum acceleration of the metabolism of the it is recommended that a fractional power. The consumption of small portions five to six times a day, that will completely break down food into energy for the physiological needs, which hinders the process of the accumulation of fat content. Frequent snacking is also provided, to reduce appetite, has a positive effect on the emotional state of the body during weight loss.
  5. To provide the body time to heal. For the stable functioning of the human body needs regular rest to allow the regeneration of damaged tissue, and to withdraw the free radicals in the cell structure. In order to quickly and efficiently reduce body weight, you need to alternate between physical and mental stress, and it shall be given at least seven to eight hours of sleep.

This is for fun. A smooth transition to the partial power, without restriction, in nutrition, and sufficient sleep, you will be able to see the first results after a week: a body that is to become the fit, the feel of the weight on your stomach and feel better for it. A month later, is subject to regulation, which may be free-lose up to 10 lbs of weight and improve your figure without harm to health.

Sports and vegetables for weight loss

Fitness and sports: workouts for effective weight loss at home

The exercises are an integral part of a weight-loss and in the reduction of weight, without which it is impossible for you to achieve visible results. Don't forget that you can diet without exercise-it is formless mockery of a body, which is the only negative impact of it.

An adult to maintain the muscle tone required for at least five to seven hours of intense physical activity a week, which is sufficient for three full-length workouts at the gym. In addition to this, it is recommended that the replacement of the fitness center with cardio exercises for 30-40 minutes every two to three days. About the training plan for weight loss at home for the following:

  • Monday – warm up, pushups are three or four approaches, a press lying – the three approach push-UPS on the bars of three-four techniques to use in the hand (for oblique muscles) three to four-approach stretch.
  • Tuesday – cardio, it is preferable that a light jog or a long walk.
  • Wednesday – warm up, bench dumbbell sitting - as three-four approaches, which pull the head of the head of the three -, four approaches to dumbbell bench press for the triceps - a three-to four ways, to pull the head to the chest, three -, or four approaches, a lifting of the dumbbells on a biceps -, three -, four-approach.
  • Thursday – rest or stretching exercises, if you want it to be.
  • Friday – cardio warm up, squats, with a lag of three-four approaches, lunges, three -, four approaches can be found, or the deadlift dead lift with dumbbells - two-three approach deadlift weights in the slope of the three -, four approaches can be found, hyperextension, three -, or four-approach stretch.
  • It's Saturday – cardio, easy to go out, or the burpee - three-four sets of 20.
  • Sunday – rest or light workout for all the muscle groups.

The exercises are carried out with three or four channels, the number of iterations to approach the subject of weight training. Each and every training session, it is recommended to increase the number of reps, or the weight of the missile a feeling, but a chronic fatigue, or the signs of the tensions of the body, it is recommended that if you want to skip a single workout or for a light cardio workout in the fresh air.

In the course of training, it is important to monitor the pulse rate and the blood pressure is to consume an adequate amount of fluids. The best option is to purchase a fitness bracelet that helps you to monitor the status of the body and to analyze the physical activity – with this particular device you will be able to set the length of time needed for recovery between sets, and total exercises.

Please feel free to follow! For home practice, it is not necessary to buy expensive sports equipment, almost all of the exercises are performed with your own body weight, and the simulators may be in the furniture and the equipment. For example, the weights can compensate for the filled bottle, which will allow you to change the weight, and beams can be built up from the two chairs. Specialized software we recommend to buy just the cable, the fitness for the elastic and the chest expander for shoulder girdle.

Junk food vs nutrition

As to maintain its shape and to keep the post-workout the outcome?

To achieve the desired result to be achieved, it is important not to throw the sport mode and physical activity: a reconstructed metabolic rate, you can once again go back to the old form of the function. With a job, or overexertion of the body, you can afford to lose them to the other, without exhausting physical loads, but not more than three to five days, after which it is returned to the status quo, or to move to a more sparing schedule of the training. After losing weight, it is necessary to increase the caloric content of food due to the size of the parts, to prevent further weight and stress on the body.

Comply with these tips, you will be able to in a short amount of time to lose the weight and get ready for an upcoming photo shoot, or leave it without any harm to your health. Love your body, and the result will not wait!