How to lose 7 kg in a week

Many people are interested in the question of how to lose 7 kg in a week at home, but at the same time no one wants to follow a diet and exercise. However, as they say, beauty requires great sacrifices. But don’t worry, because we’ve developed the most gentle methods for you that will help you lose weight fast. Before you start performing the techniques blindly, you need to know some contraindications that can prevent rapid weight loss.

Beware of certain chronic diseases, acute infectious diseases, cancer. Also, you should not follow certain diets and strenuous exercise if you are currently pregnant or breastfeeding. This is categorically contraindicated for young mothers. If all is well with you, you are a healthy woman who has not given birth, or has given birth for at least a year, then go for it! We will tell you how to lose 5 kg in a week at home. There are many ways, so you can choose exactly the technique you like best.

Effective weight loss rules

Beware of the main rules that will help you lose 7 kg per week without much effort.

Healthy eating

You don’t have to exhaust yourself with torturous diets. After all, a simple proper diet is enough. This is necessary to significantly reduce the number of calories consumed per day. As soon as you reduce your calories, you will immediately notice rapid changes in your weight. So you can lose up to 5 pounds in seven days.

Eat less fat and carbs. Just don’t completely exclude it from your daily diet as it contains useful substances needed by your body.

Sports activities

There are many exercises to help you lose weight in the shortest time possible. To do this, you need to register at a gym, visit the pool and run regularly. As for the latter, it is advisable to do this early in the morning or evening (at 8-9).

Ask a professional trainer what exercises you need to perform to get the most effective result. If this is not possible, watch the tutorial videos.

Regular measurement

If, seven days after your intense workout and the start of special diets, you see that your scales show that you have started to lose weight, it will be a great incentive to continue in the same spirit in the future. If the arrow indicates that you have not moved a step or, on the contrary, have recovered, you will need to change your tactics. Try to exercise harder or skip daily meals. This should definitely help you achieve your goal.

Drink a lot

What to drink? Remember to drink about one and a half liters of water a day. Better yet, two. The water must be clear and non-carbonated. You can also drink freshly squeezed juices. But again, it must be diluted by a third with water, as they contain large amounts of sugar. You can also drink green tea without sugar or coffee. But in small quantities. Vegetable juices are also welcome. Nor would it be bad to drink skim milk or kefir. Maximum permitted fat content.

Do not eat before going to bed.

The last meal should be taken no later than three to four hours before bedtime. This is a very important factor in weight loss and therefore cannot be ignored. Otherwise, all food eaten before bed will not be processed. After all, you go to bed and your body is completely turned off, and the calories you consume are simply evenly distributed throughout your body. And as a result, you won’t lose those extra pounds, you’ll just gain new ones.

Fractional nutrition

Try to use fragmented foods. This is a great way to lose weight without losing weight. Eat small portions 6-7 times a day. Why is this necessary? If you eat a large enough amount of food, the calories you consume will be evenly distributed according to your body’s needs, and the remnants will form excess fat cells, giving you extra pounds and centimeters in your waist.

If you eat a fragment, all your calories go exclusively to your body’s needs, with no leftovers.

Skip meals

Sometimes you can skip a meal. It also helps you lose weight fast. If you don’t feel hungry, you don’t have to eat. And if, on the contrary, you feel a strong hunger and the time for a meal has not yet come, use a small snack. It could be an apple, a carrot stick, a handful of nuts. You can also drink half a liter of water. It also helps relieve hunger a bit. You can also drink a glass of low-fat kefir, low-fat milk or vegetable juice.

Bath and sauna

Baths and saunas help remove excess moisture, toxins and toxins from the body. These ingredients contaminate our bodies, and since we lose weight in a week, we need a certain complex that already includes baths and saunas. It is also worth noting that visiting these places will certainly help improve the cardiovascular system and normalize blood circulation. After all, the sauna has a very beneficial effect on the whole human body. But in case you have any contraindications, this method is not for you.

bath and sauna for 7 kg weight loss per week

By following the above rules, you will certainly be able to lose weight. You can also watch various tutorial videos on the internet on how to lose 7 kg in a week - you will learn a lot of useful information from this.

Note:you can’t lose weight in a week without consuming enough fluids. Remember to drink at least one and a half to two liters of water a day. It will have a very positive effect on the shape and general condition of the skin.

Don’t forget the intense sports activities. These are prerequisites for the fight against obesity and one of the most important rules of the above.

Fast weight loss diet

If you want to shed excess pounds as quickly as possible, it will be very difficult without special diets. But we offer you the most gentle diets that everyone will surely like. A diet to lose 7 kg per week without compromising your health will help you get back to your previous beauty as soon as possible and simply look glamorous.

Proper nutrition is the main rule you must follow in the fight against obesity.

And keep in mind that you need to follow certain rules throughout your weight loss. Otherwise, all work done will be wasted. So let’s look at the main diets that will help you lose weight in a week.

Hercules diet

One of the easiest and most delicious diets. In order to lose the hated extra pounds, eat only Hercules porridge for a week. However, under no circumstances should you add sugar or salt. A variety of spices are also reluctant. When the porridge is cooked, low-fat kefir or a minimum fat content should be added. And on the fifth day, you can add an apple or a cucumber to the porridge. If you choose to follow a Herculean diet, it is better not to exercise during this period as it will very weaken your body. Stay outdoors more often during this period. After completing the diet, gradually add other foods to the diet.

Buckwheat diet

This is ideal for those who want to lose weight fast but still eat satisfactory food. After all, buckwheat is able to saturate the body well and at the same time remove all the harmful substances from it. In this case, you do not need to cook your porridge. Just pour a glass of buckwheat with two glasses of boiling water and leave overnight. They wear out and you can eat in the morning. However, keep in mind that it is strictly forbidden to salt, pepper, add sugar or butter to buckwheat. Otherwise there will be no result. The maximum you can add to low-fat kefir.

Milk diet

Great option for those who really like to drink yogurt and milk. Just keep in mind that the products in this case must be fat-free or have a minimum fat content. If you choose milk, your daily dose is one liter. As for yogurts, you can use them to season a fruit salad. Fat burning foods are the best choice for fruits. Namely apples, oranges, tangerines, kiwis, grapefruit. Bananas and grapes are forbidden because they contain a lot of sugar. Every day you can prepare different combinations for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Salad diet

In this case, you will only have green salad in your daily diet for the week. In the morning you can drink a glass of standing water, add a few drops of lemon juice, eat a salad of three fruits, which can be flavored with low-fat yogurt. For fruits, you can choose apples, pears, oranges or tangerines. For lunch, you can enjoy unsalted vegetable salad seasoned with the same lemon juice or olive oil. Potatoes cannot be added to such a salad. Only sugar-free tea is allowed for dinner. And don’t forget to drink water all day.

Vegetarian diet

This not only helps you lose weight, but actually cleanses the body of toxins and toxins. Soup based. It's pretty simple to make and easy. Dice 2 peppers, 2 tomatoes, 1 cabbage and 3 onions. Add 500 g of celery. Pour all this with water, put on fire, bring to a boil and simmer on low heat for forty minutes. The secret of this diet is that such soup should be eaten in unlimited quantities. This is the best way to lose weight.

So you have the opportunity to choose the diet you like best and stick to it. And after a week, you won’t even notice how you lost 5-7 pounds of excess weight. In addition, the selection of diets today is quite diverse, which is an indisputable plus.

Note:there are diets that are contraindicated for health reasons. And if you have any contraindications, do not follow such a diet. Find another way to lose weight for yourself.

Thus, absolutely everyone has the opportunity to lose weight in a short time. It only takes a little effort. Exercise, eat right, visit saunas and baths, etc. You can also use water to remove all toxins from your body. Believe in yourself and you will succeed!