Drinking diet: weight loss on fluid

water and juice for drinking

One of the most common effective diets is drinking. You have to be extremely careful here - if you don’t follow the basic recommendations, it can cause serious damage to your health. Please note that not all fluids are suitable for this diet. Some make mistakes and start actively drinking fatty sweet yogurts, soft drinks, packaged juices. If you get carried away by all these drinks, you can not only gain weight, but also damage your stomach, liver, and intestines.

Diet drinks

Can be used:

  • Water. If you haven’t sat on such a diet before, you can’t just drink water. You should start with fasting days first and then gradually try a diet-only diet.
  • Natural juice. Attention! Don’t buy sugary canned juices, they will only hurt. Freshly squeezed juices should be drunk, if very concentrated, you can dilute them with water.
  • Healthy drink with kiss, fruit drink, compote.
  • Unsweetened tea with various additives: milk, honey, ginger, herbs.
  • Dairy products. Not all milk liquids can be drunk here. It is best to use natural milk, low-fat sour yogurt, kefir. But milk drinks that contain flavor enhancers, various additives, flavors should be left out.
  • Broth - fish, meat, chicken, vegetables.
  • Puree soup, smoothie.

Types of drinking diet

30-day drinking cure

This type of diet is particularly difficult, but the results are amazing (you can lose 15 kg). During this time, not only will you get rid of the extra pounds, but you will also put your whole body in order. The main advantage is that you can make your own menu from healthy products. We offer one of the options of the daily diet during the drinking regimen:

  • Breakfast: 200 ml of kefir.
  • Snack: tea with ginger.
  • Lunch: green tea and chicken soup.
  • Afternoon snack: fresh oranges.
  • Dinner: 200 low-fat yogurts.

This diet is not for everyone. It is especially dangerous for people who are not psychologically dependent on the food itself but on the process of absorption.

7 day diet

This is a more gentle form of weight loss. This can drop up to 7 kg. You can use this example menu:

  • The first day will be a dairy product. It is permissible to consume foods with a fat content not exceeding 2%.
  • The second day. Make yourself a vegetable puree soup with beef soup.
  • Third day. Drink freshly squeezed juice.
  • Fourth day. Cook yourself a compote of dried fruits and fruits.
  • The fifth day. The use of fish and chicken broth is allowed.
  • Sixth day. It is recommended to drink jelly with berries and oatmeal.
  • Seventh day. Eat dairy products.

No nutritionist can guarantee a 100% result. Everyone tolerates the diet differently, it all depends on the unique characteristics and weight of the body.

Attention!Be sure to prepare your stomach before drinking. In a few weeks, you will have to give up fried, greasy, fast food, baked goods. The menu should include as many drinks, vegetables and fruits as possible.

It is also very important to get out of the drinking diet correctly. To do this, you should gradually add vegetables, fruits, liquid cereals, cottage cheese, cheese to the menu. But fish and meat can only be consumed after a month.

Characteristics of drinking cures

Slimming on the water

Probably not everyone will be able to resist a diet in which only 1, 5 liters of boiled water should be drunk during the day. This is a complex method of losing weight, called fasting. You can sit on such a diet for up to 3 days. It’s important not to give up food right away, but prepare in advance: gradually reduce the number of calories you consume.

Broth diet

Eat chicken, beef, fish and vegetable soup. Be sure to cook yourself, don’t buy ready-made instant broths. It is allowed to add a little salt, parsley, celery, carrots. It is better to refuse onions and peppers, increase appetite.

Milk drink

The diet will not be effective if you start consuming yogurts with sweet fillings, fatty kefir and milk. In this case, it is permissible to drink 1% milk. But keep in mind that it is poorly absorbed, so it is best to prefer fermented dairy products.

Juice and tea

It is recommended to pay attention to apple, orange, grapefruit juice. It is very important to use unsweetened fruits. The best solution is grapefruit - lose weight fast. But you have to be extremely careful with it. Citrus fruits are contraindicated in people with allergies, often causing severe allergic reactions.

Good option for tea - black, fruit, herb, green. Use only quality teas without flavors and other additives. Sugar and honey cannot be added to tea. Can't drink unsweetened tea? Add a slice of lemon or add a little milk.

Benefits of drinking to lose weight

  • Quick cleansing of the body from toxic substances and metabolic products. In the days of diet, the digestive system has time to cleanse and recover.
  • Energy is released. If you used to put energy into your meal, you can now steer it in the right direction. After 10 days, you will feel cheerful and light.
  • The size of your stomach will decrease so you will eat much less after drinking cleansing.

Disadvantages of a drinking diet

  • The feeling of hunger is constantly present. It is very difficult to adapt psychologically to the diet, not everyone succeeds.
  • There is severe fatigue, weakness, some completely lose interest in life.
  • After a diet, the digestive system is unable to fully digest and digest normal foods because it is accustomed to liquid foods.
  • Refusal to eat leads to the loss of useful minerals and vitamins, everything can lead to disorders of the immune system and serious diseases.
  • After a diet it is difficult to maintain the result, many people suddenly start consuming everything, they are constantly accompanied by a feeling of hunger.

Thus, despite all the benefits of a drinking diet, it is a serious stress on the body, so it is best to use it only as a last resort.