How to lose weight in a week?

effective methods to lose weight in a week

It all depends on what goals you set for yourself, that is, how much you want to lose weight. If you decide that weight loss by 10-20 kg is more than a real figure, but not everyone manages to achieve such results, just because this method of weight loss is carefully hidden by competent people, you are just our customer - we will have something to talk about. Let’s start by telling you how to lose a lot in a week, or rather about how weight loss envisions this process.

Extreme methods

On the Internet, the public can find ingenious methods to lose 10-20 kg.

Dry fasting - assuming you don’t eat or drink for three days while the careful author warns you of possible weakness and dizziness, but don’t be afraid, the author says - you won’t die without water in three days. but you will lose a lot.

Find out what it is, or rather, how to lose weight significantly in a week and what you need to do to do it.

Suppose you are modest and decide to lose 10 kg. A little clarification: 10 kg of what? Fat, water, muscle? Of course he will say fat.

So to burn 1 kg of fat you need to spend 9, 000 kcal, multiply by 10 and get 90, 000 kcal per week. Now let's see what we need to burn in one day:

  • Divide 90, 000 by 7 and get 12, 857 kcal per day.

You know that the average person’s daily diet is between 1, 500 and 2, 500 kcal, let’s say we refused food and we still have to get rid of 12, 000 kcal a day.

  1. You can practice the day and night and burn 6720 kcal (280 kcal for 24 hours).
  2. You can run for 14 hours - up to 700 kcal 14 - lose 9, 800 kcal.
  3. You can also do aerobics for 20 hours - you lose 9, 000 kcal.

If all of these options are unacceptable to you, we need to find other ways to tell you how to lose weight correctly in a week with a more modest weight loss.

Get rid of water

Most of your excess weight is water that has accumulated in the space between the cells and stretches your body in all directions. Excess water can cause swelling, cellulite and bloated stomachs.

To remove excess fluid, add salt during weight loss - the salt retains moisture. Also include diuretic teas in your diet (only without fanaticism) and drink a lot oddly.


Diet must create a lack of energy for the body to begin to gain energy from its own “savings”.

The caloric content of the diet should not be lower than 1200 - 1300 kcal, which is the minimum required for the functioning of vital organs and systems. In addition, a starvation diet leads to weight loss, the effect of which evaporates after the first meal, but the metabolism slows down for a long time or forever.

The best way to lose weight with a meal is to follow the principles of fractional nutrition and food compatibility. You should not eat, in large portions, eat often and few - everyone knows that, but the units follow this principle. Do not eat meat with bread or mix milk with other foods.

Low-fat products are of little use because things like cottage cheese, milk, kefir contain calcium, which simply cannot be absorbed in the absence of fat. Prefer low to medium fat and limit unnatural fats such as mayonnaise, ketchup, dressing and sauce.


how to lose weight in a week

The best way to lose weight in a week, two, a month, or even half a year is a combination of diet + sports. Adhering to this principle, you do not have to starve to death because food meets the needs of the body and a lack of energy is created by converting calories into physical activity.

It is not just fat and water that you lose during exercise. It builds muscle tissue to replenish body fat. But for muscle building, we go back to nutrition again, because not only fat but also muscle can be lost during sports. This is what leads to a hunger strike before and after training. Otherwise, nutritionists recommend that the weight loss should not exceed 1-1, 5 kg per week.